When searching for the self-propelled lawn mower, there are specific considerations you need to make. What follows is a look at what should be running through your mind as you set out to find a lawn mower that offers value for the money. Ask yourself;

Does the Mower Allow Me to Set the Speed?

See, you’re better off mowing at a comfortable pace. You should, therefore, choose a model with a variable speed setting. That way, you can mow slowly or faster, depending on your preference and physical well-being.

Look at this way; at times you may need to slow down your mower so that you can cut near fences or hedges. It may be hard to do so if you can’t adjust the mower’s speed. Besides, a variable speed setting enables you to mow evenly and by extension, get excellent results.

Whatever you do, avoid a self-propelled mower with a single speed setting because it takes away the machine’s convenience.

Is it a Front-Wheel or Rear-Wheel Mower?

For starters, front-wheel drive mowers are relatively affordable – so you may as well choose one if you’re on a tight budget. However, you ought to know what to optimize on your mower’s capability the front wheels must be in contact with the surface.

In essence, it means that the front-wheel drive mowers are challenging to operate more so if you’re lifting the front to turn. These models don’t seem to handle uneven or coarse terrain well.

Rear-wheel drive models, on the other hand, stay firmly rooted to the ground, thus providing superior maneuverability and traction control. In simple terms, rear-drive self-propelled mowers are better than their front-wheel counterparts, especially when mowing on a slanting yard.

Does the Mower Have a Wash-Out Port?

Cleaning the underside of your mower’s deck can be backbreaking. Nonetheless, you have to clean it if you want to keep your machine’s performance at its peak. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to pick a model that comes with a wash-out port.

By design, the port allows you to attach a garden hose to the mower so that you can clean the deck and the blades.

Can the Wheels Swivel?

There’s every chance that you’ve got plants on some regions of your yard. When mowing, you’ll undoubtedly want to cut as much grass as you can or as close to the flower beds and fences as possible. It, therefore, means that the mower has to be agile.

The only way a self-propelled mower can be flexible is by having swivel wheels so be on the lookout for that before spending your money.

Is the Mower Using the Blade Override System?

Your lawn mower should be as safe as possible. State-Of-The-Art models shut off automatically when you get your hands off the bail. Some will turn off if you pick any foliage other than grass – thanks to the blade overdrive system.

In effect, a blade override system will keep your mower’s engine safe while increasing the machine’s durability.

Types of Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

There are two types of self-propelled lawn mowers; gasoline driven and electric self-propulsion lawn mowers. Either type has its advantages and disadvantages. Your mowing needs and preferences determine the choice of one type over the other. Nonetheless, we reckon that it is essential you know about each type and most important what you should expect.

Gas Driven Self Propelled Mowers

Grass driven mowers are bulky but are rich with features too. Most models run on an Over Head Valve (OHV) engine. As you’d expect, they yield a lot of power and torque. Even though not common, there are gas driven mowers that run on a two-stroke engine. These require a unique combination of fuel and oil.

Mowers with four-stroke engines are better if your primary concern is quiet operation and efficiency. We’re talking about the ability to control speed and more excellent performance. Almost every other gas driven mower model on the market comes with a variable speed transmission. A few operate on single speed transmission though.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Either model (single or variable), features a clutch and brake lever. The clutch comes into play when you want to disengage the blade. It distributes power to the wheels, allowing the mower to turn around and restart. The brake lever, on the other hand, will enable you to stop the mower.

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