When looking for a reliable web hosting company there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Not everything is as glorious as they may make it look like. They all offer low prices and come up with wild claims about fast loading sites but it isn’t always what it seems. Especially when dealing with shared hosts.

The problems with shared hosting

It’s affordable and that’s really all there is to it. Most hosting companies claim that they only allow xx clients on a server but in reality, they often go far above that. I’ve seen hosts that literally put 300+ clients on the very same server, and as a result, the sites loaded awfully slow. Money back guarantee? Don’t count on it, they will always find another excuse not to grant you a refund.

But that’s not the only problem, even if they only put let’s say 50 clients on the same server the issue doesn’t go away, they offer clients unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth so what they are consuming fires back on you, and the excuse, well they always have a more expensive plan to chose from. Yeah, I bet!

Unlimited isn’t really unlimited

Although I never had problems hosting more than say 30 domains on an unlimited hosting plan I quickly did hit limits because of inodes, somewhere in their terms of service or fair user agreement they do put a limit on that.

Others put a limit on the number of MySQL databases that you can run, or they find another creative way to limit the restrains you have on the server. Considering every website, or at least every one that’s starting starts out with WordPress you need those databases so unlimited does become limited.

The biggest catch is probably the bandwidth, yes they claim unlimited bandwidth but in reality you get very little, as soon as you hit a little over a thousand visitors a day they simply lock down your account and force you to upgrade to a more expensive plan, with your website being offline till you finally find their email in your spam folder.

Cheap isn’t always a good idea to go with for the above reasons. I can understand why these companies do this as its simply not possible to run a profitable business while serving 50-300 clients from the very same server. Unless each of those sites only receives a few dozen visitors a day.

Hope this guide helps you a little bit, and if you expect a couple hundred visitors or more per day please stay away from those cheap shared hosting plans as they will only give you a headache.

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