Life is one great big permanent progression and the easiest section of it definitely comes right at the beginning. From being born up until the age of around 13 the only things you have to worry about in the entire world is what’s for dinner and how late you are allowed to stay out with your friends. Your biggest problem is most likely to be which sweets you want from the shop or getting a puncture on your bike. Things are all going rosy. Then they begin to change. 

The next period of life is the teenage years. These are some of the toughest and most confusing years of your life. You don’t know what to like or what to do as both of these seem to change almost daily. Your teenage years are also some of the most important in your life as well as they form where you will be heading later in it. They may not have had as big of an impact as your teachers and parents told you they would, but they are still a big part of what points you in a particular direction later in life. These years take a while but eventually you will get through them. Then comes the tough part. 

Almost immediately after you leave university or school you are thrust into the adult world without so much as a warning. You better learn quickly all about the professional services there are out there and pick which job you would like otherwise you’ll be in trouble! Throughout the entirety of your younger life you were told “It’s ok, you have a loads of time to choose, don’t rush your decision” and then, without so much as a warning, it’s time to make that decision. Even if you are lucky enough to settle straight into a job, this is just the beginning of the things that are harder than you expect. 

Perhaps the biggest flaw in the education system today is with regards to teaching of everyday things that you will almost certainly need in your adult life. The best example of this is taxes. I could happily tell you that A2 x B2 = C2, but what would I rather know? Pythagoras’ theory or how to accurately submit my taxes? Well I can tell you that nobody has ever asked me to measure the sides of a triangle but I have had to worry about taxes so that should tell you a lot!

Adult life is essentially a permanent worry about money. This is the other thing you are not told before you become a fully functioning human being. Everything costs a lot more than you expected it would. When your dad wouldn’t buy you a PlayStation and you moaned, you probably see why he didn’t know. A quick rundown of the things that need paying for after the age of 18 reads like: a car, taxes, food, electricity, going out, water, gas, birthdays and just about everything else under the sun! It is a horrible catch 22 situation as you won’t have a lot of money when you start out but you will probably have a lot to pay for so something else to avoid is getting into debt! 

I don’t know why we all thought that growing up would be fun. Everyone is in such a rush to do it that they glaze over the fact that it might not be as good as they think it is. We need to ensure that future generations have a better grounding when they are growing up. We need to tell them about all of the important things we weren’t told. Let’s teach them how to do taxes, how to save some money, and most importantly the value of money! This makes it sound like our generation had no up bring which is not true, but things can always be improved. 

If we begin to think of these facts now then we can make sure that the future youngsters have it better than we did, and is that not what being human is all about? Let’s all just be a little bit nicer!