The good news is that there are plenty of recumbent exercise bikes to choose from and the bad news is that they are still relatively expensive as they are still not being mass produced.

Of course the overall design is a bit more luxurious than an upright bike so you are going to be more comfortable and it is well worth the investment.

Take a look at your Fitness Shopper for reviews of some of the best.

We can take a quick look at cons of other exercise bikes to see why you may prefer a recumbent.


The front wheel spins, hence the name. They are very much like real bikes and quite hard work and quite boring.  Spinning classes make them a bit more fun; training in a class will always give you a double dose of feel good hormones.

Stationary bikes

These upright bikes are the most common on the market and as you are leaning left and right and bouncing around you can’t do much else but exercise and take care.

Dual action bikes

These will work both upper and lower body with handles that move independently similar to an elliptical machine. It can be tough to start with and can also get a bit boring.

Recumbent bikes

  • Even the most exercise shy person will find this type of bike comfortable and easy to use. The seat is large and can be much better for anyone carrying a bit of extra weight.
  • Recumbent exercise bikes can be worked with no resistance
  • For athletes the resistance can be set high to simulate cycling uphill and sprinting
  • Upper body can be worked by adding weights
  • Recumbents offer a more sustainable form of exercise
  • With good posture i.e. your back is supported and you are lower to the ground there is far less chance of strains and other injuries
  • You can do low impact cardio training on a recumbent

Recumbents for men

  • Men can get a bit carried away with upper body so recumbent exercise makes a nice change at working the leg muscles
  • Men who are wanting to work both upper and lower body can do curls at the same time as pedaling so as not to lose out
  • There is no discomfort in the male anatomy with a recumbent unlike the saddles on upright bikes!
  • If you move the seat up a bit to bring the legs higher you can target the lower abdominals, which can be quite difficult with other forms of exercise

Recumbents for women

  • Give up the stair-steps and take up the recumbent position for your legs and bottoms, it is a lot more fun and quicker too
  • If you want long, lean legs and cute thighs you can target these different muscle groups with the programs on a recumbent
  • Female anatomy also fairs better on a recumbent!

So there is plenty of good reasons to go for a recumbent exercise bike and not many good reasons for sitting on the sofa.  You can even watch T.V. quite easily while working those legs so no more excuses.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or train for a triathlon there is a bike for you.