It’s not that easy to manage an Instagram account, especially if you run more than one account. It can be draining and time-consuming to monitor your brand’s mentions, post fresh content, and reply to all the comments among other monotonous tasks. Considering the massive competition online as brands seek to have an edge over competitors, automation can serve you right by taking up some of the more repetitive tasks. Even so, you need to be cautious when automating your account to avoid ruining your brand image or get your account suspended. Also, you don’t want your account to look too robotic.  This article explores the in’s and outs of Instagram automation.



The most obvious benefit of Instagram automation is that you can free up valuable time to address other aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy.  It is time-consuming to scroll through posts manually and type your comments. Automating makes light the burden by auto-liking posts on your behalf.

Round the Clock Activity

As much as manual or active interaction with other users is of utmost importance, it’s not practical for most users, especially if you tend to have a tight schedule to stay for up to eight hours on Instagram. By using automation tools like those discussed at, you can program the bots to perform certain actions. Whatever actions you set, the bot will be active the entire day for twenty-four hours.


Fake Followers

Most marketers and businessmen use automation tools to boost their following. The bots achieve this by following as many accounts as possible, hoping that some of them will follow you back. Sadly, there is a high likelihood that you will have zero interest in some of the accounts you follow. Additionally, some of those accounts following you back may be fake making your follower count mean nothing for your brand.

Awkward Moments

We’ve all come across some embarrassing comments on Instagram. You will have to bear the burden of such misplaced comments that your bot leaves randomly. In your right mind, you would never comment “Awesome” on a post where someone is grieving the passing on of a friend or someone close to them.

You can automate what you want on Instagram but you cannot automate a discussion. If someone leaves a reply on your auto-comment, you will definitely have to reply manually.

Bottom line

Awkward comments aside, using bots is in violation of Instagram’s terms of use. It’s for that reason companies such as Instagress were shut down. By automating your account, your brand is also in violation of the aforementioned terms, thus you risk having your account banned. Therefore, before automating, consider the good and the bad side and make a decision that is in the best interest of your brand.