Have you ever went to a watch store and then end up overwhelmed by the selection available? Well, it is not that surprising since there are multiple types of watch available in the current market. These comparisons should help you decide which you should purchase:

Analog or Digital

For a more formal look, an analog watch would satisfy your needs since it has a complicated appearance. You get two hands, the hour and minute, and numbers, or Roman numerals which display the time. For business appointments, this is what you ought to wear. On the other hand, a digital watch is for casual events since it has a user-friendly face, composed of either LCD or liquid crystal display, or LED or light emitting diode. As for the time, the watch displays it in numeric form.

For people who want the best of both worlds, the hybrid analog-digital watch may do. These combine both features, enabling you to wear them all the time. For a person who only intends to purchase a single watch for all purposes, this is a must-buy.

Electronic or Mechanical

The typical watch these days are electrical, which require a battery or a winder. These utilize the pulse of a quartz crystal to depict the time accurately. Its advantage is that it is less expensive compared to the mechanical type. As for the mechanical watch, it uses a pendulum for keeping time, and it does so with a series of complex gears. However, it is much more expensive than a typical electronic watch.

Watch Crystal

The watch crystal, which is the transparent material in front, protects the face. Cheap ones often have plexiglass materials, while mid-price range utilizes mineral glass. As for the most expensive watches, they make use of synthetic sapphire that is scratch-resistant.

Finding a Watch Shop

Now that you have a basic idea as to what kind of watch you\’ll purchase, you have to look for a watch shop. If your local area lacks any, then try online. You may want to check out this website since they have a wide range for you to select.


If you need the watch for formal situations, go for analog, if not, a digital watch suits you. Furthermore, electronic watches are cheaper, while mechanical ones are expensive. Also, depending on the price range of your watch, you may see plexiglass, mineral glass, or synthetic sapphire watch crystals. Decide which ones you need and prefer, so you will not regret your purchase.