Cheese knives are special types of knives meant to cut hard, semi-hard and soft cheese. Different types of cheese call for different knives; the choice of the knife depends on the hardness of the cheese. Soft cheese knives deal with soft cheese, which usually contains high moisture content. Hard cheese knives are designed to cut through firm cheese. Different cheese knife sets give you a host of capabilities to handle the different types of cheese. Here are some of the sets you might want to consider.

1. Picnic Time Circo Cheese Set

The blades on the knives are made of stainless steel for resilience and strength while the handle is made of rubber wood for an easy grip. The set includes a cheese shaver, one hard cheese knife, a cheese spreader and a curved knife with a double-pronged tip. The cutting board gives you over 80 square inches of an ideal cutting surface. The board is specially designed with a moat running along the edge to collect brine or any liquids.  The board wipes clean very fast to allow you time to spend with your family.

2. Prodyne K-7-S stainless Steel Cheese Knives

This set comes with two open surface knives. The knives are differently shaped to give you all you need to handle all your favorite cheeses perfectly. The knives are ideal for slicing, cubing and cutting any cheese type. Each knife comes with a long handle to prevent slipping as you work, eliminating the risk of any accidents. The blade on each knife is made of brushed stainless steel so you are sure it won’t stain easily and will last you a lifetime.

3. Lenox L-22507 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set

This set comes with 3 cheese knives, each coming with a forged bolster to protect your hands and fingers from coming into contact with the stainless steel blade. You get a 5.5 inch hard cheese knife, 3 inch Parmesan cheese knife and a 5.5 inch soft cheese knife. The blades are manufactured from high carbon no-stain German stainless steel to give you a sharp edge that sharpens perfectly. The handles are forged and skillfully positioned to provide better leverage for effortless cutting.

4. DCI Cheese Knives

If you are out for color and functionality, this is the cheese set for you. Each knife comes with a label indicating the type of cheese the knife should handle. This is perfect if you are a beginner and you don’t know much about cheese. The blades are made of solid stainless steel, which, apart from being strong and reliable, is easy to clean. The knives are dishwasher-friendly eliminating the need to use your hands for the task. The longest knife in this set measures about 5 inches long, so they easily fit in your storage cabinet.

5. Jetty Homes’ 4-Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set

This set comes with each knife imprinted with labels so that you know what to pick for a specific task. The blades are made of brushed stainless steel which is durable. Best of all, the set is crafted inside an attractive box set that can act as a gift box for any occasion.

6. Wusthof Gourmet #8933 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set

This set comes with a soft cheese knife, hard cheese knife and a cheese board. The blades are laser cut from high-carbon German stainless steel plate and designed to suit your needs. Each edge has been individually laser-tested for durability and consistent cutting. The handle is made of tough poly material with triple riveting for strength. A full tang design provides a balanced and sturdy grip keeping your comfort level to the optimum.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army 3-piece Gourmet Cheese Knife Gift Set

This is the perfect set if you wish to offer it as a gift to someone special. The set consists of three knives. The hard cheese knife comes with a small blade and a long handle to apply more force to cut through hard cheese. The soft cheese knife comes with perforated blades to make the job easy as it goes through the soft cheese. The third piece is a semi-hard cheese knife that comes with a special fork tip.

The Bottomline

These knife sets are a result of advanced technology and craftsmanship. Each knife in a particular set is designed to handle a specific task in cutting cheese. To make a decision, visit to find information on various knives.