There are several techniques that have been taught throughout the years, but many of these are actually wrong. There is only one way to brush your teeth and that is thoroughly. It is always a great idea to check in with dentists at least once a year, even if you are not a regular patient at one. Places, like Azamay, offer free consultations for dental care. When keeping a check up on your teeth, you are preventing serious damage and possible diseases in the future.

The Right Type of Brush

There are many people who believe that a hard tooth brush cleans their teeth harder. This isn’t true. The soft brush heads are recommended for everyone’s teeth. After you eat, the particles of food are soft and only need a soft brush to remove. Using harder bristled tooth brushes could cause damage to the enamel and to the gums. When choosing between a manual toothbrush and one that is battery operated, the difference is that the power of the battery operated toothbrush gives your mouth a better clean that you could do manually. This is why many dentists recommend electric tooth brushes for cleaning efficiency.

Using the Tooth Brush Right

There are four major issues with the way that people are brushing their teeth. These four issues are simply brushing back and forth the right way, moving the tooth brush head all around, not brushing their teeth for the right amount, and being too aggressive when brushing. All of these issues can cause major problems with your teeth and gums in the future. No one should aggressively brush their teeth as this will damage the enamel. A simple, smooth brushing should be efficient to clean the food and bacteria.

The best brushing technique that is recommended by dentists is to brush in a circular type motion. The tooth brush bristles should have an angle of forty-five degrees from your gum line. It is also recommended that while brushing, attempt to focus on just a few teeth. Trying to focus on more can cause you to miss some areas. When your tooth brush is angled as recommended it allows the bristles to grasp underneath your gums and get rid of pesky plaque.

How Much Toothpaste is Too Much?

Dentists have repeated themselves for the past two decades regarding how much toothpaste should be used on your toothbrush. The recommended amount to use on the bristles of your tooth brush is the size of a green pea. Some toothpastes can require a tad more to do an efficient job. By slopping toothpaste onto the end of your toothbrush you could mistake areas in your mouth for already being done or cause inflammation in your gums from the excess of toothpaste. Whenever in doubt on how much toothpaste to use, always remember that if it is bigger than a pea, you’re using too much.

Tooth Brush Tip for Keeping Your Mouth Clean

There are several people who will use a toothbrush for six months or more, until the bristles span out and it is no longer a tolerable feeling when brushing. However, the average soft-bristled toothbrush should be changed out every three months. After this amount of time the bristles have lost their usefulness. When it comes to a battery operated toothbrush, changing the brush head every three to four months is recommended. If you will be unable to remember this, leave a note on your calendar, or place a sticky in your bathroom to remind you.

It takes more than just brushing your teeth to be able to keep your mouth clean and fresh smelling. Mints and other store bought items can help mask the smell of bad breath, but are insufficient for actually cleaning and ridding your mouth of the nasty bacteria and food debris left behind from your last meal. To avoid bad breath, be sure to brush at least twice a day and floss and rinse regularly. You should also remember to brush your tongue, as many have forgotten. This removes any bacteria or food particles that were left behind from your brushing. It can also stop the discoloration of your tongue, if you happen to be a smoker.