How do you get more followers on Instagram? Well, you have to be more tactful. Go beyond the obvious to find people who may be interested in your business or brand. These tips will help you get started.

Use a Growth Service

Yes. You certainly could make do with a helping hand when it comes to growing your audience. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to set some money aside for a growth service. Look for a company that will help you increase real followers and engagement. The best service should be able to single out your target audience and give you results as soon as possible.

It should be easy to use and highly rated too – and that’s precisely what Socialsteeze has to offer. Be sure to read more about Socialsteeze at and how it can help you with your Instagram growth efforts.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a brilliant way to increase your presence and performance of your brand on the platform. See, ads enable you to reach to a specific group of people within your industry who could be interested in what you’re selling. And, because ads are incredibly precise, it easy to create razor focused content that will boost your click-through rate.

Share Behind the Scenes Content

People want to know more about your business or brand on Instagram. Sure, you can post cute photos, but you can bring in the personality factor by sharing behind the scenes content. You can, for instance, give a teaser for an upcoming product. Or, you can show your followers how you spend your day or what it takes to make your products and so on. Think of it as a strategy to establish an emotional connection with your target audience and maximize the chances that they’ll click the follow button.

Create Videos

Instagram allows you to create one-minute videos and you know what? People love videos! So, make sure that you’re taking the opportunity to build highly engaging clips about your brand and business. You may choose to create how-to-videos or share how your products can help save your audience’s problems. Keep in mind that videos are more dynamic than photos. That way, they’re likely to get you better results.

The Bottom Line

Get as many Instagram followers as you can to give your business or brand as much exposure as possible. Don’t forget to update your Instagram stories to engage your potential followers.