Many brands on Instagram make one big mistake – overlooking the aspect of engaging their audience. This is unlike other platforms out there, because most brands can’t ignore tweets or comments on facebook.

There is one thing you are forgetting as a brand – Instagram is a SOCIAL network. Therefore, you need to talk to your audience to help grow your following. The question is, how do you respond to the many Instagram comments?


This is rife on all social media platforms, and handling it is very easy. What you need to do is to block users that spam your accounts so that you can prevent them from commenting and mentioning you in their comments.

If a user tags you on a spam comment, just click on the post, select the 3 vertical dots at the top and remove the tag under the photo options. You can also report the account and then block the handle.

What if someone tags you with good intentions? In this case, you don’t have to block them and end up offending them. Instead, remove the tag so that the images don’t display on your feed.


These form the best kind of comments. If a person takes time to write something positive about you, appreciate the effort. Ignoring the comment or being ungrateful might prevent other users from complimenting you. Don’t go for a simple thank you; instead, come up with a thoughtful response. You can go ahead and request for permission to use the positive comment on your site as a testimonial.


This is one of the most important comments on your posts because it encourages discussion. The right answers to a question will attract other users who have more questions to ask you. For instance, if you are advertising a laptop or laptop bags, expect questions regarding the quality of these products.

There are those who will ask the right questions, while others will ask questions to embarrass you. Either way, you need to come up with a thoughtful answer to all the questions, even those in bad taste.

Questions give you the perfect opportunity to impress followers with your knowledge and to show your customer service prowess.

When to Unfollow

There are times when you have to unfollow users who are out to destroy your reputation. You also need to unfollow spam users. Spire offers the best way to do this easily and quickly.


Instagram comments come in several types, and the way you respond to these comments make or break your efforts. Take time to come up with the right response to each comment.