From a simple image-sharing app for any appealing image, Instagram has slowly become a platform that brands have been looking for.

The rolling out of a shopping feature that allows you to advertise products, you can now sell your items on the app easily.

What makes this feature so appealing is the fact that you can promote your products without leaving the site.

However, the feature is only available for those businesses that are approved in select countries so take time to understand if it covers you. This feature gives you a convenient storefront that allows users to explore the products, choose what they need and make the purchase in a single tap.

With this feature, you can choose the kind of photos to feature on the storefront, and allows you to place up to 5 products for a single image, or ad a maximum of 20 products for each carousel.

You can preview the products before posting them so that you are sure of what you are delivering.

The feature allows you to give the users access to prices and other product details through your Instagram feed as well as the button on the profile.

Using the Feature

You can add information about the product to make sure you make maximum use of this feature. You need to have the right image of the product, a short description, the price of the product and include a link that points the user to the website where they can buy the product or subscribe to the service.

Know the Right Audience

Even with perfect products, you need to know where your biggest customers come from. Doing this allows you to add effort to that marketing channel, and to make sure you get more people buying your products.

The shopping feature also gives you access to important insights that give you important info that can boost your marketing strategy. The feature records all the follower stats depending on the demographic factors.

Once you know the audience, you can target the growth of your following, which means that you need more people to enjoy the sales. One tool to help you build this following is Boostfy, which you can check the various comments on this page.

The Bottom-line

The shopping feature makes it possible for you to sell more. Take time to come up with the right information regarding the products, so that you can attract more buyers to your business.