The summer heat is much easier to take when we have a nice cool drink in our hand. Unfortunately, the coolness only lasts as long as the ice in the glass. When we are planning an outdoor activity in the summer, it is important to include ice on the packing list. Although there is no way to completely keep ice from melting in the summer heat, it is possible to incorporate a few tricks to at least make the ice last longer when there is not a freezer available.

Get to Know Ice

Ice begins forming at 0 degrees Celsius or lower. Temperatures above that level will begin the melting process. There are three methods of heat transfer to deal with when it comes to the melting properties of ice; convection, radiation, and conduction. To be successful in keeping ice from melting, insulate the ice, the container, or both.


This is the amount of heat rays that the container or insulation allows to penetrate to the ice. Wrapping the ice in a shiny or reflective material will help to bounce the heat rays away from the ice and keep it cool longer. Materials such as aluminum foil or a clean potato chip bag turned inside out make great reflectors to keep out the heat.

Tips and Tricks

Using these guidelines it is possible to keep ice frozen longer in the summertime. A few other tricks can help to shorten the melting time of ice. Some suggestions include:

  • Keep in shaded area
  • Use larger pieces of ice
  • Insulate around ice
  • Keep container closed
  • Wrap in insulating material
  • Use light colored container

When it comes to enjoying the sunny summer outside, keep cool with some fresh ice from a customized cooling system. Implementing these ideas will help store ice longer when the temperatures soar in the heat of the summer afternoon.

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