Instagram. Not as wordy as Facebook, not as witty as Twitter. A place where a picture is worth a thousand words. A place where some pictures are accompanied by a thousand words (less ideal). Either way, Instagram is slowly stealing more and more of our attention as it takes its spot as one of the most popular social media websites on the internet today.

Some people use it to show just how much they’ve benched that day, some people use it to channel their inner model, and some people just use it to keep the relatives pacified with cute baby photos. However you’re using it, there’s an important thing to remember, and that is that it’s a social media website – it’s interactive, and your profile has the ability to capture the attention of hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers. But it’s a community, and you’ve got to do your bit to become a successful, devoted Instagrammer who recognises exactly why your followers are there, and how you can keep them coming.

There are numerous ways to grow a following on Instagram so that the people out there that didn’t even realise they needed a daily picture of your dog now can’t walk out the door without checking to see if you’ve put up a new one. For example, I found a coupon from which gets you 20% off the usual price for their services. Follow Adder takes over the boring and mundane tasks that you have to keep repeating to maintain a successful Instagram account – posting scheduled photos for you, engaging in your growing community, and easily managing multiple Instagram accounts for you. It acts in replace of you in all the right ways, because it is automated to know exactly what it takes to build a successful Instagram account and grow your following.

Here’s a couple of tasks that it completes so that you don’t have to that really help to build your Instagram following.

It follows similar accounts to your one. Remember, Instagram is a community, and the more you participate as an active member of that community, the more followers you will get in return. You’ve got to interact beyond simply uploading photos to your own page. A good thing to remember when doing this is to only follow accounts that you find most interesting and relative to your own, otherwise your Instagram will quickly become overloaded. But Follow Adder can do all this for you, and knows when to stop the “follow” button – probably before you do.

Like and comment on people’s pictures. You can’t just start following people and then stop the interaction there. Liking and commenting on other people’s pictures will make them feel good while also putting your name out there for them to see, making it more likely for them to like or comment in return and therefore check out your page. Staying active can lead to a steady stream of new followers, which is why consistency is key – one of Follow Adder’s best advantages.

Start a conversation with your followers. When you post captions with your photos, try to come up with questions or “call-to-actions” that prompt your followers to want to comment and answer, or come up with an idea for themselves related to your photo. Things like “share your story in the comments” really helps followers to feel like you’re being relatable and personable, which will encourage them to be so in return and leave comments on your posts. This also helps to drive the community that is Instagram to your page, drawing the conversation to you and what you have to post about.

Instagram can be a fun, fickle, mysterious community that takes dedication, consistency and thinking beyond the filters and the photos that you put up every day. Apps like Follow Adder can really help to make this whole process a little bit easier, allowing you the space and time to really think about what you want out of a successful Instagram account and how you’re going to keep those growing followers satisfied as they become more interested in what you’ve got to post. Leave the more boring bits to the professionals, and have some fun with those filters.