It is not rocket science, everyone knows that to cook rice you need heat and water, not forgetting the rice of course.  But how do rice cookers work, how do they know when the rice is cooked, let’s ask them!

This is what the rice cooker said “First rice sits, then it boils, then it absorbs water in the form of steam, then it rests!”

Ok, thank you rice cooker for letting us know, the rice cooker has spoken!

This is all about simple rice cookers, simple on/off/keep warm rice cookers. If white rice is what you want then this type of rice cooker is for you.

The simple rice cooker appliance consists of a main body, inner cooking pot, an electric heating plate and a thermal-sensing device with switches.

For a more step by step account read on;

  • Water and rice sit in the pot
  • The pot goes into the main body
  • The weight of the pot depresses the thermal-sensing device
  • The heating plate quickly boils the water content
  • The sensing device is a small spring loaded thermometer, gauging the temperature
  • It is set within the bottom of the main body in the heating plate
  • The heating plate then heats the cooking pot
  • The metals used are often copper or aluminum amongst others
  • These metals are very conductive (different metals will affect the speed of heating)
  • Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius
  • The heating plate works quickly to bring the rice to boiling point
  • It will not get any hotter, the temperature will remain stable
  • Until the water is absorbed, the temperature will rise and cause the cooker to switch off or keep warm
  • Now it can rest!

There is something very satisfying about knowing you have a neat little gadget that cooks your rice perfectly.  A simple rice cooker will last a long time if you use it correctly and once you get used to using it you will not want to be without it. No more oven cleaning and no more dried or sticky rice granules all over the place.

A quick soak of the cooking pot in cold and then a quick wash in soapy water means all the rice ends up on the plate and not in the sink or the floor or the stove or even the pot.  Rice cookers are cleaner and safer and there is no chance of boiling over or boiling dry.

With such a variety of rice cookers available from the smallest suitable for a single or maybe your baby likes rice to the 10 cup dinner party rice cooker.

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