First, there was the year of engagement parties, then the age of weddings and now it’s the year of housewarming parties. Everyone you know is moving into their first home, which means lots of get-togethers to celebrate this historic occasion. It’s always fun celebrating someone buying and owning their first home, but thinking about what to buy them for a housewarming gift can be a little bit like what you went through when choosing them an engagement and then wedding gift – what do they need that they don’t already have? Picking out a practical yet original and unique housewarming gift that’s going to last them hopefully longer than the mortgage and be a welcome addition to their home can be hard, but not impossible. Here are four great house-warming gifts to surprise your friends with pleasantly – and hopefully they’ll have you over more to make use of them.

Cheese Cutlery

If your friends are the entertaining type and you’re hoping to be invited over more for couple game nights and dinners, a cheese cutlery set is a perfect gift. Everybody loves serving a beautiful cheese platter with some wine when they have friends around, but all too often the problem arises of not having any decent cutlery to serve the nibbles with. This gift is the perfect balance of decadent and practical. Most people like to have a “good” set of plates, cutlery, and glasses that only come out when entertaining, so providing friends with the beginning of their fine dining collection are ideal. This will save them money in the long run while they focus on buying the necessities that they have to think about before they even give a thought to the luxury items. Receiving the luxury items as a gift makes moving into a house a lot easier.

Non-Stick Pan

Keeping with the kitchen theme, let’s look at something that’s all practical – but will last a long time if they take care of it properly. Something that most people find hard to do is to buy a decent non-stick fry pan. It’s one of those fickle purchases that struggle to find the balance between price and quality. You don’t want to skimp on the price when it comes to a non-stick pan because unfortunately anything less than $40 is probably only going to last two or three months. So really investing your money and spending a couple of hundred will guarantee a good one, but there are middle range pans out there that work just as well – it’s just up to chance if you get a good one. Taking the stress out of figuring this out and surprising your friends with a non-stick pan as a gift is sure to win you extra brownie points.

Espresso Machine

If you’re somebody who has a bit of change to spare and likes to shower your friends generously with your gifting, then an espresso machine is a great option. While it’s not a staple of the kitchen, it’s something that most people would love to have – but most can’t justify spending the money. Taking that quandary out of their hands and treating them to something that helps them warrant what they just spent on the house is the perfect balance in a house-warming gift. Check out Espresso Gusto for one of the more beautiful machines on the market – one that is sure to be worth what you pay for it. Going the extra mile and paying top dollar will ensure a long lasting, faultless quality machine.


Let’s return to the more practical side of house-warming gift giving – because receiving something you can use on a weekly or even daily basis is going to be a lot more appreciated than something that is used once and then thrown in one corner of the garage to be forgotten about quickly. Chances are your friends either don’t have a vacuum cleaner yet or have one but its second hand and already ten years old. Starting out life in a new house is just that much sweeter if you have brand new appliances like a vacuum cleaner to go with it.

It’s never easy buying gifts for other people, and when it comes to occasions like weddings and housewarmings, it can be even harder. With weddings, you get a heads up about who has bought what so far through the registry, but with housewarmings, you just have to take your chances and hope that they don’t already have the gift you got them. The more practical it can be, the more helpful they’ll find it and appreciative they’ll be – and if they’ve already got one, they can always return it for something else just as practical. It’s the thought that really counts.