Maintaining a good, clean home can be a challenge. There are many small details throughout the home that can have an impact on overall appearance. For example, if there are spots on your television screen, it can make the whole living room feel old and dusty. Use this quick cleaning checklist to learn how to spot-clean your home and keep it looking its best.

Foyer and Entrance Way

While the foyer sees a lot of foot traffic, people don’t usually spend a lot of time in the room. This makes it very easy to clean. Simply wipe everything down and mop or vacuum once per week. The biggest concern about maintaining your foyer should be the décor. This area needs to feel warm and welcoming to guests. If your foyer looks outdated after cleaning, try adding modern wall art or seasonal crafts to brighten things up. 

Living Room

Depending on the layout of your home, you could spend a lot of time cleaning the living room. For example, if you must walk through the living room to get to the kitchen, you will need to vacuum more often. If you store a lot of items in the room, you may also spend a lot of time dusting. Media shelves are a prime example, as they often hold dozens of small items, each one needing cleaning on a weekly basis.

You will also likely have furniture to clean in the living area. Televisions, as mentioned before, can easily become dusty. Even the spaces between the couch cushions can collect thick layers of dust. Covering furniture with washable cloths can be a great way to maintain the appearance of the furniture. Then, all you need to do is throw the covers in the wash once a week to keep the living room looking great.


The kitchen may seem like a complex area to clean, but it can be one of the easiest. The trick is to work your way down when cleaning. Start by scrubbing the counters, sink, stove, and dining table every day after you eat. These areas are at eye-level, so they are going to be seen right away by guests. Your floor is the last area that gets noticed; however, it should be mopped at least twice a week.

Like other areas of the home, small details matter when it comes to keeping a kitchen clean. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, for example, can cause odors and attract bugs. 


Bathrooms should be one of the first areas of a home that get scrubbed down. These areas are prone to mildew and dirt buildup due to excess water being used in the small space. Proper maintenance is also important as there can be huge consequences for not following through with repairs. For example, an untended shower can quickly grow bacteria. The Shower Expert lists a wide range of cleaning tips to teach you how to scrub tiles and clear out drains. Plan on scrubbing all of the fixtures at least twice a week.

In addition to basic cleaning, you may also need to inspect the fixtures for damage on a regular basis. Because shower heads, toilets, and sinks are used every day, so they are prone to damage. If something doesn’t appear quite right, you should contact a local professional to identify the problem. 


Bedrooms can be the easiest area to clean. The two most noticeable features are usually the bed and the floor. Making the bed daily is a good starting point, but you will need to keep the floor clear if you want to make an impression. Keep all lose items, such as toys or books, off of the ground. If you need to, invest in a few storage containers or a night stand to control the clutter. Then, vacuum the room twice a week.

Keeping your home clean can be easy if you know where to start. By focusing on the places people notice the most, you can make an impression. If you want to ensure your guests are comfortable, clean bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms first. Pay close attention to detail to ensure each area is highly functional and looking its best.