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What to Look for in Web Hosting?

When looking for a reliable web hosting company there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Not everything is as glorious as they may make it look like. They all offer low prices and come up with wild claims about fast loading sites but it isn’t always what it seems. Especially when dealing with shared hosts.

The problems with shared hosting

It’s affordable and that’s really all there is to it. Most hosting companies claim that they only allow xx clients on a server but in reality, they often go far above that. I’ve seen hosts that literally put 300+ clients on the very same server, and as a result, the sites loaded awfully slow. Money back guarantee? Don’t count on it, they will always find another excuse not to grant you a refund.

But that’s not the only problem, even if they only put let’s say 50 clients on the same server the issue doesn’t go away, they offer clients unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth so what they are consuming fires back on you, and the excuse, well they always have a more expensive plan to chose from. Yeah, I bet!

Unlimited isn’t really unlimited

Although I never had problems hosting more than say 30 domains on an unlimited hosting plan I quickly did hit limits because of inodes, somewhere in their terms of service or fair user agreement they do put a limit on that.

Others put a limit on the number of MySQL databases that you can run, or they find another creative way to limit the restrains you have on the server. Considering every website, or at least every one that’s starting starts out with WordPress you need those databases so unlimited does become limited.

The biggest catch is probably the bandwidth, yes they claim unlimited bandwidth but in reality you get very little, as soon as you hit a little over a thousand visitors a day they simply lock down your account and force you to upgrade to a more expensive plan, with your website being offline till you finally find their email in your spam folder.

Cheap isn’t always a good idea to go with for the above reasons. I can understand why these companies do this as its simply not possible to run a profitable business while serving 50-300 clients from the very same server. Unless each of those sites only receives a few dozen visitors a day.

Hope this guide helps you a little bit, and if you expect a couple hundred visitors or more per day please stay away from those cheap shared hosting plans as they will only give you a headache.

For a more reliable VPS hosting solution, or even Cloud hosting have a look at this review of Hostinger I just ran into.

Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online


Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online

Every time you go online, whether its to check your bank statements or to post on Facebook, your information might be at risk. You probably know someone in your life who has had their identity stolen, or had an account hacked, or even just picked up a nasty virus or two. These setbacks can range from mildly annoying to incredibly stressful That’s why staying secure while you spend time online is more important than ever. But how do you secure your information if you don’t know anything about cybersecurity?

The Perpetrators

Your information is at risk every moment that you have data online. There are cybercriminals lurking on every website just waiting to steal your information. Usually, this is accomplished by tricking you into clicking something, or convincing you that you need to download some seemingly official service or your computer will stop working, or even by using software to determine your passwords for your online accounts.

Stay Safe With a Strong Password

So how do you defend against these risks? The number one strategy to prevent the loss of any important information is to strengthen your passwords. The best passwords include multiple words or phrases, with a smattering of capital letters, numbers, and symbols. An experiment was done testing the strength of different passwords against a sample password cracking software. A set of nine numbers, or nine letters, can be cracked in under a second. However, if you added a single letter to the string of numbers, or vice-versa, it could add almost 40 years to the time needed to crack it. For more information on Internet Security, read these tips from income artist at http://incomeartist.com/keep-secure-online/

Never Use the Same Password

Also, to ensure your security, you should be using different passwords for different accounts. If one of your accounts is compromised, it doesn’t take long for a hacker to find your other accounts and try out the password they cracked. If you always use the same password, someone could hack a forgotten social media profile of yours and end up having access to your bank account!

Update Your Anti-Virus Software

Hackers are constantly cooking up new viruses and malware with which to assault the defenses of your computer. If you don’t have any anti-virus software installed, it’s time to find one. If your anti-virus program is out of date, then it’s effectively useless against new threats. Even just updating your software monthly greatly reduces the risk of your computer being compromised.

Stay Secure With Simple Measures

With so many threats online, it’s easy to become apathetic. Many take on an “if it happens it happens” approach to their internet security. However, if your data ends up in the wrong hands at best you lose some time having to re-secure your information, at worst you’re left without even a penny in your accounts. Try these simple strategies to stay safe without having to take an entire college course on cybersecurity.

What an Online Presence Can Do for You


What an Online Presence Can Do for You

Whether you’re starting small and plan to stay that way or intend to scale up to Fortune 500 size, an online presence is an important branding tool. According to Google, 97% of consumers search for businesses online. If the vast majority of consumers are online, isn’t it in the best interest of your business to be as well?

Chances are your business has open and close hours. When your physical storefront is closed your opportunities to convert don’t have to wait until opening. The internet has no closing time and your web space can be a permanently open showroom. Prospective customers or clients can view your digital storefront from the comfort of their homes or on their phones while on the go. This is invaluable to sales based businesses because e-commerce means opportunities to convert are 24/7.

What an online presence says about your brand

Depending on the source, over 50% of consumers don’t trust a business without a website. The internet age has enabled people to verify anything they may not immediately trust. An online presence gives your brand a starting point that you control. The presentation and initial reaction to your business online are entirely up to you. Make it a positive experience.

Marketing beyond your locality

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates. The beauty of the internet is that it isn’t limited to zip codes. An ad in the newspaper or fliers around town may be great for local business, but your website can reach literally anyone else with internet access. The effectiveness of this comes down to company success and personal marketing strategy, but the benefits of global reach are massive.

A pressure free environment for your buyers

Your online showroom or storefront enables prospective consumers to gather information on their items of interest from a place of comfort under no outside pressure. This is invaluable as consumers love to buy but generally aren’t interested in being sold to. If they’re immediately interested they can buy on the spot, but they maintain the option to enter your brick and mortar location to ask further questions.

How to begin

The most popular way to begin is to set up a WordPress blog or site. You can select from a plethora of colors and templates to match the ideal “feel” for your online presence. When listing information on your site, take into consideration questions you’re asked most often by customers. Here is some basic information –

  • Business hours
  • Brick and mortar location
  • Menu if your business is a restaurant
  • Sales and specials
  • Product list (as well as if they’re out of stock)
  • Contact information

Links to other online media

Once you’ve properly updated your site, it’s time to make sure it gets noticed. This is where SEO or “search engine optimization” comes into play.

SEO for the layman

Bringing acronyms into play can make things intimidating and SEO can be complicated at times, so here is the gist of what you need to know –

  • The vast majority of internet users trust search engines to find websites.
  • SEO relates to how well search engines can find your website.
  • Consistent, relevant and well-formatted posts to your blog aid in SEO.
  • Content by others mentioning your business aid in SEO.

Those looking to scale majorly should contact a professional.

This explanation is oversimplifying the concept but on purpose. SEO is an art form unto itself and there are other areas of your web footprint to focus on before delving into it.

For those looking for a professional online presence

If you’d prefer to keep your focus on the growth and sales end of your business and leave the web design and development to the professionals there are a multitude of options out there for you. When searching for a professional, these are some key things to look for –

  • The design and function of their site
  • The capability to work with the platform you prefer (WordPress etc.)
  • That their websites are responsive (mobile ready)
  • An understanding of Google, Adwords and other relevant SEO tools

Social media and API integration capabilities

Your web presence can also extend onto Facebook and various forms of social media. In fact, both are suggested for those looking to take their business to the next level and reach a greater number of consumers. If you’re in the market for a web design team and in Toronto, Canada, you need look no further than Toronto web design and development. They’re more than capable of meeting all your early web presence needs and have a service to update your current website. For ore information visit: Toronto web design and development – Outshine your competitors!

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