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Do Instagram Bots Still Work as They Used To


Do Instagram Bots Still Work as They Used To?

Many people ask me this question and yes they still work, but some don’t, so as always, do your own research.

Instagram botting is pretty much like the wild-west with new companies starting and others abandoning their tools as they aren’t able to keep up with the latest changes on Instagram.

It truly is an ongoing battle between the bot developers and the developers at Facebook/Instagram and as you can imagine, their budget is a lot larger then those small time guys.

However, don’t let that fool you though, some of these developers are a hell of a lot smarter than those at this corporate company so once in a while a new bot pops up that beats everything that has been built to stop it.

If you need some recommendations for bots that work today I suggest you read this article at bountii.com as they update their posts on a regular base so you will never be given outdated news.

Is it recommended to bot?

Yes, I highly recommend it because time is precious unless you like sitting behind your screen all day long and have employees to take care of every other aspect of your business I would employ a bot.

You do want to make sure you have multiple accounts running simultaneously so that in the case one account gets removed by Instagram that you have a backup account that you can funnel your traffic to.

So although I recommend it, it is definitely not without risk so be warned if you want to join the world of botters. Also, make sure that your accounts are 100% separate, with different phone numbers and different IP addresses. For example, one created from your landline or ADSL connection, while the other uses your mobile phone, you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot in case you didn’t know that so that you can still access it from your laptop or iPad.

Get followers for life

There is only one way to accomplish that while botting and that is by funneling them to other assets that you own, this can be your website where you try to capture their email or it can be your Facebook or Pinterest account ask the risk is always lurking around the corner that your account might disappear one day.

In my next post, I will focus on techniques to funnel your visitors elsewhere so that they turn into followers for life. Happy botting for now!


TrustAdvisor – Legit or Scam?

Today we are going to look at a relatively new site that keeps on popping up all over the internet when you search for something in Google so let’s see if they are the real deal or just another fake review site.

The first thing I notice about this site is that they have an SSL certificate installed which makes it save to submit any personal information, it’s not like they are selling anything directly (they are an affiliate site), so maybe this is overkill or it’s just to stay in the good graces of Google.

From an SEO standpoint, it appears they haven’t acquired a lot of backlinks yet, with a trust flow of only 6 according to Majestic. However, their rankings tell a completely different story as they rank for quite a few competitive keywords.

So how is this possible? A website with only a dozen links outranking sites that have been around for years. The answer is rather simple, they probably have some redirects in place to pass on the juice from one site to another and it’s quite easy to hide that from Majestic.

The topics they cover are quite broad, they are active in the home & living niche, but they also cover reviews of more industrial style products, add some sports & leisure to that and a category named internet, plain & simple.

Now let’s take a look at the actual products they are reviewing, first on their list are home cinema projectors. A rather expensive product and based on the quality of their reviews I could say this is a legit website with some very creative link building techniques.

The next topics they cover are related to Youtube and Instagram, it appears they are reviewing sites that sell likes, followers, views, and/or subscribers. Once again their reviews are thorough so I have no doubt about the legitimacy of the site, whether it’s moral to review such services I leave in the middle.

Coinsquare, Coinroom, Bitshares, Coinbase, what’s all that? I think these are cryptocurrency exchanges, a hot topic since bitcoin exploded in price late 2017. Bitcoin was trading at $20,000 at the time and currently it’s stuck in the $6,000-$7,000 range.

The sites they are reviewing all appear to be legit and I’m sure they offer an affiliate program of some kind. After all, websites do need to earn money and what is a better way then writing reliable reviews to do so?

All in all Trust Advisor backs up it’s own name and the extensive research they’ve done on products makes it one reliable source of information.

Restaurant SEO - 4 Tips to Get You Started


Restaurant SEO: 4 Tips to Get You Started

Various business websites benefit from SEO and so do restaurants. If you are looking to increase the traffic to your site, SEO may even get you more customers. You can start with these few tips that will help your business get up and running:

Paid Web Hosting

As much as possible, avoid free web hosting for a restaurant business. After all, it will keep customers away since you give them the impression that you are not taking this seriously. Also, you can benefit much more with paid hosting rather than free, thanks to the features and server capacity. If you are looking for one, we can host and manage your site for you.

Customers First

If you want to create a website, make sure that it caters to your customers and not for your self-pleasure. Thus, it is best that you give your visitors the best experience they will have when they spend time on your site. After all, focusing on the customer is the priority. Therefore, you keep in your mind what is ideal for your customer and not what will put you on top ranking in the search engines. Overall, you need to go white-hat instead of black-hat, by making your website more “humane” and not mechanical.


Lately, Google and other search engines are using branding in their algorithm. After all, they intend to provide the ideal content for their users. If someone searches something, the search engines try to check for authentic information and trustworthiness. Thus, it is best that you worry not only about your online strategy but your real life as well. After all, the more people who know about your restaurant, the higher the chances you will rank high.

Title Tags

Look at the top of your browser, and you will notice that there’s your title tag. These are the titles of each page on your site, which search engines also display. Now, you would want to keep each of them different, and with a clear purpose. Furthermore, you would want to keep these short yet descriptive. Even though you would want to write down a lot, you have to keep only the main point.


Even restaurants can benefit from a website that uses SEO techniques. After all, it gives you the chance to attract more customers through online exposure. However, do not forget to prioritize real-life marketing over online since that is your main objective.

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