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Top 5 Most Common Type of Accidents

Accidents happen every day for a variety of reasons. While it is impossible to predict when and where an accident will happen, you can help reduce the chances of getting into a car accident by knowing what to look for. Here are the five most common types of car accidents and how they can be avoided.

#1 Rear-Ending
A 2017 study conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that 29 percent of all accidents were rear-ending. A rear-ending is where a car collides into the back of another vehicle and is usually caused by either driver not paying attention to the road. Distractions such as cell phones, the radio, or even something as small as a bug can end up in disaster. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of other drivers around you, and it’ll go a long way to help you avoid being rear ended.

#2 Hitting Parked Vehicles
Not all collisions are with other moving cars. One of the most common types of car accidents is with parked vehicles. Being unaware of your surroundings, while parking or pulling out of a parking spot, can result in an accident. A good way to avoid hitting parked cars is to slow down when parking or pulling out of a spot. Also, give yourself a bit more room and park farther away from other cars, this will give you more room later when it’s time to leave. Finding a parking garage is a good one to save your car from such accidents and also to save its exterior from dust and corrosion.

#3 Hydroplaning
Hydroplaning is the loss of traction between your tires and road due to water. It is most often caused when rain first starts to fall, or liquid builds up, on a dry roadway. If your car starts to slide or hydroplane, turning the wheel won’t directly turn your car and can lead to an accident.

To avoid hydroplaning,drive more slowly and careful when rain or storms first start. Also be sure to slow down for pools of water as even small puddles can cause your car to lose its grip on the road. If you do find yourself hydroplaning, the best thing to do is stop accelerating, but do not jam on the brakes. Slow brake pressure and slowing your car overall will help avoid accidents and get you back in control.

#4 Animals
Even if you and other drivers are following the rules of the road, animals won’t be so careful. A collision with a large deer, or even something smaller, can cause major damage to your vehicle. Keep an eye out for animals warning signs in packed areas and be sure to use your high beams at night in rural areas so you’ll see that animal ahead of time.

#5 Side-Impacts
A 2016 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that 27 percent of vehicle collisions resulting in death were sided impact collisions. These high fatality accidents are often caused when one driver is confused about who has right of way. Failure to stop at lights or stop signs also results in side impact accidents. To reduce the chances of being hit from the side, always slow down or stop at intersections and make sure it’s clear before moving. Stopping, instead of trying to make that amber light, is also the safer bet.

Factors To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen


Factors To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main hubs in every house as you spend considerable time in this room daily. If you want to design a kitchen from scratch or want to some renovation, you need to know that the procedure can be overwhelming and at the same time tiring. Those who design kitchens for a living do it with ease, but if you are not into design and building sectors, then you are bound to find some challenges. The good news is that it does not have to be hard as long as you consider the following

Your needs

It is pretty obvious that every homeowner wants a place to prepare the foods. However, there is more to this because you have to consider the number of people who can access the kitchen at a go and you what you can prepare within this room. You might consider this room for cooking only whereas you make the preparation of the foods in another place. Different people have varying ideas on what you can do within a kitchen, and you should always bear this in mind. Analyze what suits you and design a kitchen that fits such needs.

Appliances in your kitchen

What makes your kitchen complete are the appliances and utensils you use daily. Lack of them will make it like any other room in your house. You have to consider the source of power when you use electrical appliances such as microwaves. As Oven Shopper illustrates, microwaves come in different shapes and design to fit varying customer needs. First, consider the type of appliance you intend to use and then design a kitchen that will be compatible with it. You can even have a physical plan on where you will place all your appliances even before you design the kitchen.


If you do not want your kitchen to appear clumsy and things falling over the place, then you have to invest in a storage system. You may not have a big kitchen, but still, you can create space and fit all the stuff. Store the stuff that you regularly in the most accessible drawers while the rest can be on the top drawers. Make sure that you mark your drawers to avoid wasting time searching for very appliances when you are cooking. You can have several cabinets on the wall and also other mobile ones that you can move when you need more space.


What Happens When you Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

You drive into your favourite fuel station. It’s getting late, and you want to be home before the traffic jam starts to pile. In the heat of the moment, you fill up your auto with the wrong fuel. What! You have panic spelt all over your face, wondering what do next. Calm down; it isn’t as serious as you think.

Even then, it is essential to understand what happens when you fill your vehicle with the wrong fuel. That way, you can know what to do to redeem the situation and hopefully save yourself some money. Here’s a breakdown of the basics.

When You Put Petrol in a Diesel Car

For starters, diesel doubles up as a fuel and lubricant. What this means is that you can damage your auto’s fuel injector pump when you use petrol instead of diesel.  On top of that, petrol and diesel have different combustion properties. By extension, this implies that petrol will detonate faster when put in a diesel engine. Thus, you’ll experience knocks and misfires that may require repair or replacement of some engine parts.

When you put diesel into a petrol-powered automobile, the first thing that you need to do is to stop the engine immediately. Tow your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop to have your system drained and cleaned.

When You Put E85 in a Petrol Car

Unless you bought your vehicle the other day, you must have seen pumps labelled E85. This is a fuel that contains a higher percentage of ethanol.  If your car is a Flex-Fuel Vehicle (FFV) model, you can shift between E85 and regular petrol without any issues. However, if your automobile is non-FFV, filling it with E85 may experience some problems.

At the very least, you’ll get a “check” engine light. While one-time accidental fueling may not cause long-term damage, doing so on a regular basis can shut down your vehicle. In most cases, you will have to deal with expensive repairs to get it back on the road again.

When You Put Premium Petrol in a Car that Doesn’t Require It

Unlike what most motorists think, fueling your vehicle with premium petrol doesn’t boost its performance or the engine’s durability. Plus, if your car doesn’t have the technology required to burn premium petrol, you will have to endure low power and reduced fuel efficiency. Even then, this accidental fueling won’t cause significant damage to your auto. All you need to do is to pick the correct fuel the next time you go for a refill, and any problem will repair itself.

When You Put Diesel in a Petrol Car

When this mistake occurs, make sure that you stop driving your car to prevent severe damage to your engine. Besides, if you continue to operate the engine, your vehicle will eventually stall because petrol engines don’t burn diesel.  On top of that, drain the fuel lines, tank, injectors and fuels rails. You can do it yourself if you know how your vehicle’s engine works or you may hire a professional mechanic to do the work for you. This mistake doesn’t cause permanent damage even though may have to pay to have a tidy sum of money for repairs.

When You Put Regular Petrol in a Car that Runs on Premium

While putting premium petroleum in a car that requires regular may not cause significant damage to your engine, doing it the other way round may lead to severe internal damage. You’re likely to experience a spark knock, characterised by a rattling noise or high pitched ping.

Most cars that use premium petrol come with engine computers to adjust timing and reduce the intensity of possible damage. Even then, you will notice poor performance and fuel economy. You need to fuel your automobile with premium petrol as soon as possible to rectify the situation. Keep in mind that spark knocks can cause long-term damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Get in Touch with Fuel Doctor

See, you can never rule out the possibility of filling your car with the wrong fuel, even if you’re the most careful of motorists. In essence, this implies that you’re at constant risk of a breakdown caused by accidental fueling. At times, depending on the extent of damage, repair costs may take a toll on your finances. Keep in mind that your car’s insurance policy or manufacturer’s warranty may not cater for such damages. Plus, you may not always be near a mechanic or repair shop – and that’s where Fuel Doctor comes in.

Located in almost every town in the UK, Fuel Doctor boasts over fifty specialists to come to your rescue when you put the wrong fuel in your automobile.  They will drain the fuel tank and check the fuel lines as well as the injectors or provide any other solution to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.  Think of Fuel Doctor as your-to-go drain service whenever you’re in a catch 22 situation caused by wrong fueling.  And the beauty of it is that their highly trained technicians are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. >click here< to read more about Fuel Doctor


Instagram Growth Tips That Work

How do you get more followers on Instagram? Well, you have to be more tactful. Go beyond the obvious to find people who may be interested in your business or brand. These tips will help you get started.

Use a Growth Service

Yes. You certainly could make do with a helping hand when it comes to growing your audience. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to set some money aside for a growth service. Look for a company that will help you increase real followers and engagement. The best service should be able to single out your target audience and give you results as soon as possible.

It should be easy to use and highly rated too – and that’s precisely what Socialsteeze has to offer. Be sure to read more about Socialsteeze at http://www.8iccc.com/our-review-of-socialsteeze/ and how it can help you with your Instagram growth efforts.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a brilliant way to increase your presence and performance of your brand on the platform. See, ads enable you to reach to a specific group of people within your industry who could be interested in what you’re selling. And, because ads are incredibly precise, it easy to create razor focused content that will boost your click-through rate.

Share Behind the Scenes Content

People want to know more about your business or brand on Instagram. Sure, you can post cute photos, but you can bring in the personality factor by sharing behind the scenes content. You can, for instance, give a teaser for an upcoming product. Or, you can show your followers how you spend your day or what it takes to make your products and so on. Think of it as a strategy to establish an emotional connection with your target audience and maximize the chances that they’ll click the follow button.

Create Videos

Instagram allows you to create one-minute videos and you know what? People love videos! So, make sure that you’re taking the opportunity to build highly engaging clips about your brand and business. You may choose to create how-to-videos or share how your products can help save your audience’s problems. Keep in mind that videos are more dynamic than photos. That way, they’re likely to get you better results.

The Bottom Line

Get as many Instagram followers as you can to give your business or brand as much exposure as possible. Don’t forget to update your Instagram stories to engage your potential followers.


The In’s and Out’s of Instagram Automation

It’s not that easy to manage an Instagram account, especially if you run more than one account. It can be draining and time-consuming to monitor your brand’s mentions, post fresh content, and reply to all the comments among other monotonous tasks. Considering the massive competition online as brands seek to have an edge over competitors, automation can serve you right by taking up some of the more repetitive tasks. Even so, you need to be cautious when automating your account to avoid ruining your brand image or get your account suspended. Also, you don’t want your account to look too robotic.  This article explores the in’s and outs of Instagram automation.



The most obvious benefit of Instagram automation is that you can free up valuable time to address other aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy.  It is time-consuming to scroll through posts manually and type your comments. Automating makes light the burden by auto-liking posts on your behalf.

Round the Clock Activity

As much as manual or active interaction with other users is of utmost importance, it’s not practical for most users, especially if you tend to have a tight schedule to stay for up to eight hours on Instagram. By using automation tools like those discussed at managed.social, you can program the bots to perform certain actions. Whatever actions you set, the bot will be active the entire day for twenty-four hours.


Fake Followers

Most marketers and businessmen use automation tools to boost their following. The bots achieve this by following as many accounts as possible, hoping that some of them will follow you back. Sadly, there is a high likelihood that you will have zero interest in some of the accounts you follow. Additionally, some of those accounts following you back may be fake making your follower count mean nothing for your brand.

Awkward Moments

We’ve all come across some embarrassing comments on Instagram. You will have to bear the burden of such misplaced comments that your bot leaves randomly. In your right mind, you would never comment “Awesome” on a post where someone is grieving the passing on of a friend or someone close to them.

You can automate what you want on Instagram but you cannot automate a discussion. If someone leaves a reply on your auto-comment, you will definitely have to reply manually.

Bottom line

Awkward comments aside, using bots is in violation of Instagram’s terms of use. It’s for that reason companies such as Instagress were shut down. By automating your account, your brand is also in violation of the aforementioned terms, thus you risk having your account banned. Therefore, before automating, consider the good and the bad side and make a decision that is in the best interest of your brand.


Instagram as the Upcoming Shopping Platform

From a simple image-sharing app for any appealing image, Instagram has slowly become a platform that brands have been looking for.

The rolling out of a shopping feature that allows you to advertise products, you can now sell your items on the app easily.

What makes this feature so appealing is the fact that you can promote your products without leaving the site.

However, the feature is only available for those businesses that are approved in select countries so take time to understand if it covers you. This feature gives you a convenient storefront that allows users to explore the products, choose what they need and make the purchase in a single tap.

With this feature, you can choose the kind of photos to feature on the storefront, and allows you to place up to 5 products for a single image, or ad a maximum of 20 products for each carousel.

You can preview the products before posting them so that you are sure of what you are delivering.

The feature allows you to give the users access to prices and other product details through your Instagram feed as well as the button on the profile.

Using the Feature

You can add information about the product to make sure you make maximum use of this feature. You need to have the right image of the product, a short description, the price of the product and include a link that points the user to the website where they can buy the product or subscribe to the service.

Know the Right Audience

Even with perfect products, you need to know where your biggest customers come from. Doing this allows you to add effort to that marketing channel, and to make sure you get more people buying your products.

The shopping feature also gives you access to important insights that give you important info that can boost your marketing strategy. The feature records all the follower stats depending on the demographic factors.

Once you know the audience, you can target the growth of your following, which means that you need more people to enjoy the sales. One tool to help you build this following is Boostfy, which you can check the various comments on this page.

The Bottom-line

The shopping feature makes it possible for you to sell more. Take time to come up with the right information regarding the products, so that you can attract more buyers to your business.


Why You Should Opt for a Bugatti Veyron

If you think eight cylinders and two turbochargers are not for you, then skip this post. For those who desire more, then you need to read on because the car we are looking at has sixteen cylinders and four turbos! This is the Bugatti Veyron, and we go ahead to know why you need to own one.


The chances of you seeing a Veyron in the traffic is next to none. This is because the manufacturer released only 450 Veyrons, and they were all pre-ordered.

If you can buy one, then it is not just about buying the car but making an investment. The cars are engineered to be driven, which means when you get your hands on one, do not hide it away thinking it is growing in value. Made for those that love power, you need to get it out and drive it so that you can continue to build the legacy of the producer, Ettore Bugatti.

The Power

You will have almost all the power you have ever dreamt of – 1000 horsepower to be exact. This is possible because the manufacturer installed an engine that uses the VR6 architecture that is designed to hold more in so little space. The engine holds sixteen pistons in a small block.


Thanks to the power and a torque of 1000 lb-ft, the car can reach speeds of 62 mph, even more in just two point six seconds. This is also attributed to the Haldex AWD system. This car can reach speeds of 267 mph, though the US versions have been limited to just 233 mph max.

The Design

If you have ever wished to buy a car that will draw the attention of other road users and make you the envy of the state, then you need one of this.

Made of high-grade material and designed for speed and safety, it hasn’t yet been documented that a Bugatti has rolled. Most of the buyers value this car so much to drive it recklessly. The comfort is unmatched, and it has been seen to be a car for the high in society. The article source points to better material for us in future models, if there will ever be one.

In Short

If you have the financial muscle to buy a car that will make you feel like you are in another world, then go for the Veyron. Engineered to the standards that you can only dream of, this car has been engineered to be driven and enjoyed.


3D Printing: Why You Need to Embrace It

Times have changed, and those people that had the chance to handle technology ten years ago know that the progress has been so rapid. One of the top changes in technology is the use of 3D in rapid prototyping. Today we look at the benefits of this technology, and see why you need to invest in it.

Faster Development

If you need to manufacture things faster, then go for 3D printing. You can print the concept the same day it was designed, a factor that makes prototyping easier and fast. This helps you stay way ahead of the competition.

Save Cash

The 3D equipment and associated supplies are expensive, but they soon pay out on the investment and allow you to make items at a lower cost than ever before. Step aside traditional machining; a better process is in town!

Reduce Risk

Machining processes are rife with risk, especially if you are handling a new product that you wish to introduce to the market. With 3D printing, you work with a model that reduces any risks that you have. You work confidently knowing the final product will be what you want.

Remember it is much cheaper to reset a model on a computer than coming up with a new mould for machining purposes.

You also reduce the risk because you have a conceptual picture of the product you wish to deliver. You can come up with a test product and hold it in hand, and check out its feel and capability before going ahead to manufacture thousands more.

To mitigate the risk further, you can present the model to potential users before rolling it out to the market. You can test the market on various trade shows or other online platforms that give you a chance to pitch your idea to the market. Getting buyer feedback reduces the risk of selling something that the buyer will not want, and it is a good way to verify that the product has the potential you need.

Make More

The speed at which the 3D printer produces the items you want is faster than traditional machining. Make sure you get the right printer though because some are meant for home use while some make it possible to use in your manufacturing business.

In Closing

You need to move with the times as a business. One way to do this is to integrate 3D printing in your business model.


How You Can Use Instagram As An Affiliate Marketer

The good thing about the internet world is that it has opened up new opportunities that were unheard off in the past. You do not have to own or develop a product for you to sell online and make profits. You can recommend the products of other people and get a commission out of it through affiliate marketing. The only thing you need to do is search for vendors with such a program, understand their terms and apply you are good to go. Instagram is a new frontier for affiliate marketers where they make good profits. The following are simple tips on how to use Instagram as an affiliate marketer.

    1. Connect your Instagram account to your affiliate site

The higher the traffic on your website, the higher the chances of closing sales. You can post videos and photos of the products you intend to sell and then include a link to your website. Ensure you use captivating and attractive captions to make people eager to head to your site. Your site should be easy to navigate and pages loading speed should also be superb. The site should also support multiple devices such as PC and mobile devices to ensure that no customer is left out.

    1. Focus on quality content

You may be having the best deals, but the content of your Instagram account does not sell. If your partner allows you to use images and videos of their products, ensure that you pick only the best. Avoid picking content from all over the internet because potential customers value fresh content. You are also likely to suffer from copyright issues if you pick content from other people without their consent. Accompany your visuals with hashtags that people can relate to and make a connection with. Develop a posting schedule and stick to it to ensure consistency.

    1. Automate some of the functions

As an affiliate marketer, you will have a lot on your plate if you do not how to plan your schedules. You need to search for trending hashtags, engage followers, and market your products and still look for new followers. All these activities can be overwhelming and you may find yourself with less time for service delivery. You can overcome some of these hurdles by automating some functions and focus on growing your brand. You can check some of the best picks for automation tools from Medium and make an informed decision and make some money.


Instagram Comments: How Do You Handle Them Without Offending Anyone?

Many brands on Instagram make one big mistake – overlooking the aspect of engaging their audience. This is unlike other platforms out there, because most brands can’t ignore tweets or comments on facebook.

There is one thing you are forgetting as a brand – Instagram is a SOCIAL network. Therefore, you need to talk to your audience to help grow your following. The question is, how do you respond to the many Instagram comments?


This is rife on all social media platforms, and handling it is very easy. What you need to do is to block users that spam your accounts so that you can prevent them from commenting and mentioning you in their comments.

If a user tags you on a spam comment, just click on the post, select the 3 vertical dots at the top and remove the tag under the photo options. You can also report the account and then block the handle.

What if someone tags you with good intentions? In this case, you don’t have to block them and end up offending them. Instead, remove the tag so that the images don’t display on your feed.


These form the best kind of comments. If a person takes time to write something positive about you, appreciate the effort. Ignoring the comment or being ungrateful might prevent other users from complimenting you. Don’t go for a simple thank you; instead, come up with a thoughtful response. You can go ahead and request for permission to use the positive comment on your site as a testimonial.


This is one of the most important comments on your posts because it encourages discussion. The right answers to a question will attract other users who have more questions to ask you. For instance, if you are advertising a laptop or laptop bags, expect questions regarding the quality of these products.

There are those who will ask the right questions, while others will ask questions to embarrass you. Either way, you need to come up with a thoughtful answer to all the questions, even those in bad taste.

Questions give you the perfect opportunity to impress followers with your knowledge and to show your customer service prowess.

When to Unfollow

There are times when you have to unfollow users who are out to destroy your reputation. You also need to unfollow spam users. Spire offers the best way to do this easily and quickly.


Instagram comments come in several types, and the way you respond to these comments make or break your efforts. Take time to come up with the right response to each comment.


Staging a Successful Concert

Staging a concert is no mean feat. Even the smallest gig at a local pub requires you to put all your skills to the task. After you have space and the go-ahead to organize the concert, you need to prepare. Preparation is all about getting together everything you need for the day.

The Public Address System

This is your sound amplification device that consists of a mixer and speakers. This equipment will be used to run the vocals and amplify the sounds from the various instruments. You can also use it to play any music while the band is getting ready to perform. Depending on the size of the venues and the band, you might need several microphones. You need to have a technician to hook up to mikes and operate the different equipment.


This is what will form the backline. You need to have your instruments because not all bands come with their own. Always confirm this so that you don’t have to get embarrassed the day for the gig. One of the top instruments you can have that will be a great savior is a set of drums. Check out http://drumkitdigital.com/alesis-dm10x-premium/  to understand what we are talking about.

Lighting and Visual

The band might not need visual accompaniment for the performance, but you shouldn’t assume this. You always need to try and have lighting at the concert always. Basic stage lighting is necessary for any performance. Even if it is a concert for the day, make sure you have enough lighting because the concert might spill into the night. Most of them do.

If you have enough money for lighting, go for spectacular. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough, you can hire event planners to handle the lighting for you. They usually send an audiovisual specialist and a lighting technician to help you. It might cost you a little bit more, but it is worth the hassle.


You need to have people to run the technical side of things. They are usually behind the scenes but vital to the whole ensemble. They help set up the equipment and operate them.


Setting up a concert is not a walk in the park. You need to be organized to the finest detail. Make sure you have all the requirements starting with the band to the equipment.


Tips to Improve your web Content

Website content is one of the top assets for any website. The quality of your website isn’t judged by your design only, but also through the kind of text available on the site. In fact, the design of your site will be ineffective if your content is worthless.

When it comes to web content, there are a few ways to overcome barriers in the content creation process. Here are some tips that will greatly help you improve web content.

Make It  Readable

It is vital that you make the content readable to your target audience. Stay away from the jargon and any figures of speech that have deep meanings. On the contrary, use content that your reader will understand. One of the best ways to do this would be the use of bullet lists and subheadings and paragraphs. This is one way to create the right content.

Avoid Fluff

Readers will stay away from your website if they realize that you are using a lot of fluff. Don’t use a set of words that will confuse the reader more. Instead, use simple words but push the point home. The content needs to be short and precise. Remember that most audiences are looking for short articles that they can scan instead of reading through. To make more out of the little words, use multimedia such as video and audio, and pictures for more appeal.

Make It Useful

Offering information that the reader knows will not give any value to the reader. Instead, you need to offer informative content only. The information must capture the attention of the reader within the first few seconds otherwise he will move to another website that offers the right information. The information ought to solve the problem the reader has at the time. In order for the information to valuable to the reader, it needs to offer facts and be accurate. Remember, knowledge equals value, therefore help the reader to learn something and you will have yourself a loyal following.

The website Content Must Work

Placing web content without being actionable is one of the ways to create networks. It is advisable and reported that you need to place links in your article so that your readers can get around the site.


One of the ways to make your website work is to create the right content. Make sure it is readable, avoid fluff and make the content useful. The content should also work for your readers.


Advice for picking a suitable Instagram Bot

Not so long ago it was the consensus that Instagress was the best Bot available for managing and growing your account. Unfortunately, this Bot became shut down by Instagram and is no longer available anymore.

There was another crackdown on Instagram that affected many of the Bots

There are now a wide variety of Bots on the market today. However, it can be a very timely task of trying to find the best Instagram bot and also choose one that can be deemed safe and reliable. After the latest Instagram crackdown on Bots, you don’t want to pick a bot that is at risk which can result both in losing your automated service and possibly your financial investment.

The good news is that there are still some safe bots around which survived the crackdown and that 2018 should see some of the bots offering improved features. It is important to research the bots available use and take advantage of the promotions and trial offers available before you purchase one.

Some services also work on other social media platforms

These Bots are still the most effective way to grow your account. Some of them can be used to manage and optimize other social media platforms.

Followinglike is one of these versatile options that can be used across multiple social media platforms. It is a good management tool for a user that has multiple social networks, allowing to schedule content and tasks in advance and completely manage their social media accounts. Followinglike has all of the standard features that most of these Bots and automation service such as:


    • following


    • unfollowing
    • posting
    • liking
    • sharing
    • commenting
    • sending direct messages

With the automation service, you can manage unlimited accounts with the bot on a variety of social media platforms.

However, take note that it is one of the most expensive services currently on the market. Users have to pay almost 100 USD upfront on top of the monthly fee. There are no trials or promotions with this service. Therefore, this service is not recommended for users with only a few accounts. The Small Business Blog reviewed FollowingLike providing lots more in-depth information about this service and also other Bots.

A sound marketing investment

These Bots and services can save you a lot of time and is a preferred method instead of trying to grow your account manually. This can be a difficult task especially if you have a lot of accounts to manage. Just be sure to do ample research on the Bot to see it matches your needs before making the financial investment.

Email Lists - More Powerful Than Social Media Campaigns


Email Lists – More Powerful Than Social Media Campaigns

Unfortunately, in the present,  there are still many bloggers and business owners who do not build an email list. An email list can bring various benefits, arguably more than social media campaigns. If you still are not convinced, have a look at these advantages it can offer you:

Email List: An Overview

An email list contains the people, along with their email addresses, who enabled you to send them news and promotions. One advantage is the likelihood that they will be interested in your offers, after all, they were the ones who visited your site and also signed up.

Higher Return of Investment

Email marketing brings a higher return on investment or ROI than social media campaigns. The average ROI for email marketing of USA businesses is around 4,300 percent. Also, most email lists can get up to 10 times more conversions than typical social media campaigns.

Personal Communication

Unlike social media campaigns, which consist mostly of collective or group messages, an email is much more personal. After all, you send these directly to their inbox, which increases the response rate. People appreciate it more if others directly approach them rather than tell them, along with many others, to do something. Lastly, it helps that there is no one else who can interrupt communications between you and your recipient since others tend to be intimidated by group posts or settings, like in social media.

Meaningful and Targeted

Unlike social media campaigns, the people involved in your email list are often the first to approach you, either by visiting your site or signing up. Thus, you can assume from their effort that they are at least somewhat interested in your response. And so, they are also more likely to read your message. Furthermore, you can expect that the content you send will be relevant for them since you know the scope of their interests.

Your Email List is Yours

If you use social media such as Facebook or Twitter, your campaigns may potentially be wasted if they decide to implement new policies. Unlike social media campaigns, your email list does not depend on the status of others. If you would like to learn how to build up an email list, have a read at fredharrington.com, since it elaborates further.


The advantages that an email list can offer you is related to the one-on-one aspect of the method. Your communication with the recipients is personal, meaningful, and targeted. Furthermore, you have more control over your email list than social media campaigns.

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