Using an indoor exercise bike is a fantastic way to keep trim, fit, and healthy. Come rain or shine, it doesn’t matter for indoor workouts. This is why exercise bikes are extremely popular. Now we all know the standard bike keeps the back upright, and more often than not, we all end up hunched over the handlebars at the end of a training session. This can often lead to back pain, which really isn’t good for anyone. That is why recumbent bikes have become all the rage these days. The seat is set in a reclining position to give full support for your back. This design feature has made it possible for anyone to use this piece of workout equipment, even those with back issues that often hinder any kind of workout regimen.

It is often believed that recumbent bikes are a new invention, when in fact, they were invented way back in 1896! It leave’s anyone wondering why it has taken so long to add this seat to the exercise bike. Whatever the reasons, it is here now and is improving backs everywhere. Hurray!

Just as with upright bikes, the recumbent bikes come in a variety of designs with gadgets and tools to help maximize or make the workout easier. It all comes down to the preference of the cyclist. Many questions should be asked before heading out to the vast world of recumbent bikes. What is expected from the bike? What’s the maximum and minimum cost? Are all those gadgets needed, or with a simple one do? Answering these questions does help when selecting a bike because it reduces the chances of being blindsided by the various bikes available.

With your bike desires at hand, it is now time to research. Researching products can almost guarantee the avoidance of disappointment. It is advised not to just read the ads description and promises of the bikes, but to look at what other customers have said about the products. Advertising is simply a tool to suck in customers to buy their product. Everyone will say that their bike will give you washboard abs in just three weeks when the reality is it probably will never happen. Customer reviews are written by real people who have bought and tried the product, and are simply letting others know their opinions. Did they love it or hate it? What are the pros and cons? There is an abundance of valuable information about the products within customer reviews that simply cannot be found anywhere in the ads and descriptions. Because they have been written by real people, they are more trustworthy, too.

This alone has put confidence back into purchasing an exercise bike, but there is something new out there that has made researching a whole lot easier. Sites are popping up everywhere giving consumers a safe place to visit and to read the reviews of the best recumbent exercise available. The noteworthy people at as well as many others, have taken out all of the hard work, leaving nothing but the joy of selecting and purchasing a bike. It must have taken hours for them to research so many bikes, to read all the reviews from customers, but they have done this with great care and compassion so we don’t have to. It certainly gives a whole new level of confidence and gives back valuable time that can often be wasted on hours of searching for just the right exercise bike.

Anyone would think because of the considerable amount of time they have put in to bring the best products to light, they would be expecting something in return. There is always a catch to something this great. But in this case, there really isn’t. There is no sign-up or fee required for their services. Just simply pop onto their sites, have a look around, read the reviews, and select a bike. It is as easy as riding a bike!

It really is something to consider when selecting a bike. It is by far much easier to click on a link or do a quick search for the best recumbent exercise bikes than to trawl through many, many reviews in hopes of finding the best bikes available.