Grocery stores, food manufacturers, and lots of people use vacuum sealers to conserve and safeguard food. Unlike canning, vacuum sealers prolong the shelf life of food and retain the original taste. Finding the best vacuum sealer can come in handy in various ways. One is able to not only save time by cooking in bulk, owning a vacuum sealer also helps to lessen one’s grocery store expenses.

However, finding the right food saver is not always easy. Do not regret your purchase after a few days. These vacuum sealer reviews will help you learn more on what to look for in a sealer, in order to make the right choice.

Here are some factors to take into consideration when making a purchase.

Type of Sealer

The most common types are chamber and external vacuum sealers. External vacuum sealers gets all the air out and keeps the food fresh. Chamber vacuum sealers remove air from the whole chamber and also seals the bag. For a daily use, you can opt for an external vacuum sealer and for a bulky storage, a precise chamber vacuum sealer would be an excellent option.

Suction ability

The suction is what creates the vacuum while packaging food items. A sealer with a weak suction can’t create a good vacuum and may compromise food safety by allowing growth of mold and other organisms. Moreover, it may lead to freezer burn. Choose a sealer with a strong suction capability to prevent these problems.

Ease of use

Finding a sealer that has accessible controls that are well labeled will make work easier. Check if the unit is able to lock down by itself. Check to see if the pulse control is manual, automatic, or both.


Having a budget is critical when looking for a vacuum sealer. While owning an expensive model would be ideal, the reality is that one needs to find a model that’s within their budget.  Do not forget the cost of bags as they could end up being expensive if you select the wrong sealer.  Check if the sealer will work with non-manufacturer bags and what it will cost to buy manufacture bags.


For individuals who love to take food on the road or on a trip, portability is key. There are counter top models that make it easy to enjoy fresh foods no matter the location.  Moreover, one can carry products with high fluid quantity such as juice and milk. While handheld models are easy to carry, they are not as effect as they rely on electric vacuum pumps and zip lock pouches that are not like fully sealed bags.


Most vacuum sealers are built to last. Nonetheless, some may need small repairs and maintenance. For this reason, it’s essential to find a vacuum sealer with a strong warranty from a company that values their customers.

Additional features such as a canister port, built-in bag cutter and holder, and its sealing ability are also important.  Do your homework to learn of your needs and how often you are going to use the sealer before making a final decision.