After suffering for years from a toenail fungus problem, I have discovered that I am not alone. Based on various reputable websites, it’s a problem that affects at least 5% of the U.S. population. The breakdown in age groups is also surprising since approximately 50% of these individuals are over the age of 70. With numbers like these, finding a cure has become even more essential and should be placed on the top of everyone’s priority list. Toenail fungus is an infection that can thrive for a very long time until the proper treatment is found. So I have compiled a list of the best over the counter toenail fungus treatment solutions.

Kerasal Nail Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment – Advance Formula

At first, this over-the-counter anti-fungal treatment could only be found in Europe. The formula used in this product has had a very high success rate because approximately 92% of its users showed noticeable improvement (77% of which stated that their improvement could be seen within two weeks). The formula contains several powerful ingredients including those that help with softening, hydrating and penetrating the nail in order to restore a healthy appearance. The advance formula is considered to be safe, odorless and quick performing.

Fungi Nail Anti-fungal Solution – Double Strength Anti-Fungal Solution

When I was searching for the best nail anti fungal products, I found that there were a great deal of products that were made to address the infections that toenail fungus presents. However, some of these products were considered to be much more effective than others. In some cases, these anti-fungal solutions were backed by pharmacists as being the top recommended on the market today. This statement is true for Fungi Nail Anti-fungal Solution (Double Strength Anti-fungal Solution) because it has had proven results that can be traced back over a 20 year time span. It is a coveted choice by many consumers because it has no side effects, it is available without having to obtain a prescription and the results are visible in at little as two weeks. It is also very important to note that this formula works very well because it even inhibits additional growth of the fungal cells.


Another great product that can be found on the top of the list of best over-the-counter anti-fungal solutions is ZetaClear. ZetaClear can be described as a two step process that is used to treat nail fungal infections. This two step system is not only designed to completely clear up the infection, but it can also prevent it from reoccurring again. Because these kinds of infections tend to reoccur, it is a system that addresses the root of the problem instead of just focusing on improving the look of your skin. Even though this product works extremely well, the manufacturers also take time to offer different application methods to help speed up the process. One of these methods suggests that users wrap the infected toe in a bandage after the treatment has been applied. With regular treatment, users can expect the problems to begin to disappear in at little as four to six weeks.

To be honest, there are a large amount of anti-fungal toe nail treatments from which we can choose. And this is why I think it is best that everyone take the time to do their own research before consulting a doctor. I have found that some products are much more effective and yield quicker results than others. Also, there are those that will provide a healthier appearance in as little as two to four weeks.

Even though the entire treatment may take several months in order to get the desired results, people can expect most of these products to work just as the companies claim. While Kerasal Nail Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment – Advance Formula and Fungi Nail Anti-fungal Solution – Double Strength Anti-Fungal Solutions are excellent choices, there are many people who may actually prefer Zetaclear. This is because ZetaClear offers a dual system that clears the toenail fungus problem within 4 weeks and it contains ingredients which will help to prevent these problems from coming up again. No matter what type of product an individual chooses, these are three of the most effective over-the-counter toe nail fungal treatment solutions in the industry.