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Date: January 2, 2019

Do Instagram Bots Still Work as They Used To


Do Instagram Bots Still Work as They Used To?

Many people ask me this question and yes they still work, but some don’t, so as always, do your own research.

Instagram botting is pretty much like the wild-west with new companies starting and others abandoning their tools as they aren’t able to keep up with the latest changes on Instagram.

It truly is an ongoing battle between the bot developers and the developers at Facebook/Instagram and as you can imagine, their budget is a lot larger then those small time guys.

However, don’t let that fool you though, some of these developers are a hell of a lot smarter than those at this corporate company so once in a while a new bot pops up that beats everything that has been built to stop it.

If you need some recommendations for bots that work today I suggest you read this article at bountii.com as they update their posts on a regular base so you will never be given outdated news.

Is it recommended to bot?

Yes, I highly recommend it because time is precious unless you like sitting behind your screen all day long and have employees to take care of every other aspect of your business I would employ a bot.

You do want to make sure you have multiple accounts running simultaneously so that in the case one account gets removed by Instagram that you have a backup account that you can funnel your traffic to.

So although I recommend it, it is definitely not without risk so be warned if you want to join the world of botters. Also, make sure that your accounts are 100% separate, with different phone numbers and different IP addresses. For example, one created from your landline or ADSL connection, while the other uses your mobile phone, you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot in case you didn’t know that so that you can still access it from your laptop or iPad.

Get followers for life

There is only one way to accomplish that while botting and that is by funneling them to other assets that you own, this can be your website where you try to capture their email or it can be your Facebook or Pinterest account ask the risk is always lurking around the corner that your account might disappear one day.

In my next post, I will focus on techniques to funnel your visitors elsewhere so that they turn into followers for life. Happy botting for now!

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