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Month: May 2018


3D Printing: Why You Need to Embrace It

Times have changed, and those people that had the chance to handle technology ten years ago know that the progress has been so rapid. One of the top changes in technology is the use of 3D in rapid prototyping. Today we look at the benefits of this technology, and see why you need to invest in it.

Faster Development

If you need to manufacture things faster, then go for 3D printing. You can print the concept the same day it was designed, a factor that makes prototyping easier and fast. This helps you stay way ahead of the competition.

Save Cash

The 3D equipment and associated supplies are expensive, but they soon pay out on the investment and allow you to make items at a lower cost than ever before. Step aside traditional machining; a better process is in town!

Reduce Risk

Machining processes are rife with risk, especially if you are handling a new product that you wish to introduce to the market. With 3D printing, you work with a model that reduces any risks that you have. You work confidently knowing the final product will be what you want.

Remember it is much cheaper to reset a model on a computer than coming up with a new mould for machining purposes.

You also reduce the risk because you have a conceptual picture of the product you wish to deliver. You can come up with a test product and hold it in hand, and check out its feel and capability before going ahead to manufacture thousands more.

To mitigate the risk further, you can present the model to potential users before rolling it out to the market. You can test the market on various trade shows or other online platforms that give you a chance to pitch your idea to the market. Getting buyer feedback reduces the risk of selling something that the buyer will not want, and it is a good way to verify that the product has the potential you need.

Make More

The speed at which the 3D printer produces the items you want is faster than traditional machining. Make sure you get the right printer though because some are meant for home use while some make it possible to use in your manufacturing business.

In Closing

You need to move with the times as a business. One way to do this is to integrate 3D printing in your business model.


How You Can Use Instagram As An Affiliate Marketer

The good thing about the internet world is that it has opened up new opportunities that were unheard off in the past. You do not have to own or develop a product for you to sell online and make profits. You can recommend the products of other people and get a commission out of it through affiliate marketing. The only thing you need to do is search for vendors with such a program, understand their terms and apply you are good to go. Instagram is a new frontier for affiliate marketers where they make good profits. The following are simple tips on how to use Instagram as an affiliate marketer.

    1. Connect your Instagram account to your affiliate site

The higher the traffic on your website, the higher the chances of closing sales. You can post videos and photos of the products you intend to sell and then include a link to your website. Ensure you use captivating and attractive captions to make people eager to head to your site. Your site should be easy to navigate and pages loading speed should also be superb. The site should also support multiple devices such as PC and mobile devices to ensure that no customer is left out.

    1. Focus on quality content

You may be having the best deals, but the content of your Instagram account does not sell. If your partner allows you to use images and videos of their products, ensure that you pick only the best. Avoid picking content from all over the internet because potential customers value fresh content. You are also likely to suffer from copyright issues if you pick content from other people without their consent. Accompany your visuals with hashtags that people can relate to and make a connection with. Develop a posting schedule and stick to it to ensure consistency.

    1. Automate some of the functions

As an affiliate marketer, you will have a lot on your plate if you do not how to plan your schedules. You need to search for trending hashtags, engage followers, and market your products and still look for new followers. All these activities can be overwhelming and you may find yourself with less time for service delivery. You can overcome some of these hurdles by automating some functions and focus on growing your brand. You can check some of the best picks for automation tools from Medium and make an informed decision and make some money.

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