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Date: November 22, 2017

Email Lists - More Powerful Than Social Media Campaigns


Email Lists – More Powerful Than Social Media Campaigns

Unfortunately, in the present,  there are still many bloggers and business owners who do not build an email list. An email list can bring various benefits, arguably more than social media campaigns. If you still are not convinced, have a look at these advantages it can offer you:

Email List: An Overview

An email list contains the people, along with their email addresses, who enabled you to send them news and promotions. One advantage is the likelihood that they will be interested in your offers, after all, they were the ones who visited your site and also signed up.

Higher Return of Investment

Email marketing brings a higher return on investment or ROI than social media campaigns. The average ROI for email marketing of USA businesses is around 4,300 percent. Also, most email lists can get up to 10 times more conversions than typical social media campaigns.

Personal Communication

Unlike social media campaigns, which consist mostly of collective or group messages, an email is much more personal. After all, you send these directly to their inbox, which increases the response rate. People appreciate it more if others directly approach them rather than tell them, along with many others, to do something. Lastly, it helps that there is no one else who can interrupt communications between you and your recipient since others tend to be intimidated by group posts or settings, like in social media.

Meaningful and Targeted

Unlike social media campaigns, the people involved in your email list are often the first to approach you, either by visiting your site or signing up. Thus, you can assume from their effort that they are at least somewhat interested in your response. And so, they are also more likely to read your message. Furthermore, you can expect that the content you send will be relevant for them since you know the scope of their interests.

Your Email List is Yours

If you use social media such as Facebook or Twitter, your campaigns may potentially be wasted if they decide to implement new policies. Unlike social media campaigns, your email list does not depend on the status of others. If you would like to learn how to build up an email list, have a read at fredharrington.com, since it elaborates further.


The advantages that an email list can offer you is related to the one-on-one aspect of the method. Your communication with the recipients is personal, meaningful, and targeted. Furthermore, you have more control over your email list than social media campaigns.

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